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Cows Don't Care About Your Amazon Ranking

It's Book Launch Day and I'm going hiking

Megan Preston Meyer
Megan Preston Meyer

My second book, Supply Jane Clears the Way, launched today...

...which you probably don't know because I didn't do nearly enough marketing.

I should have built a lot more awareness. I should have hustled more. I should have had a month-long pre-launch social media calendar with engaging, informative content and increasingly aggressive calls to action.

I should have done everything I could to collect pre-orders which would bottle up for weeks and then gush forth mightily into a release-day sales spike that would bump up my Amazon ranking and jump start my success.

But I didn’t. I did, like, three Instagram posts and two podcasts.

And now it's too late.

I woke up this morning feeling guilty, like I really messed this launch up.

But then I looked outside.

October 26th is not only the day that Supply Jane Clears the Way is released into the world to help kids understand the concept of manufacturing bottlenecks in a fun, engaging, dragon-filled way...

It's also an incredible autumn day 🍁🍂, and I'm in Switzerland.

It may be Launch Day... but that's a completely arbitrary deadline. I chose October 26th because it was a Tuesday and you’re supposed to release books on Tuesday, and other than that, there was no real logic. All this pressure I'm feeling? All this guilt? I imposed it upon myself.

That means I can un-impose it.

I can hike. I can relax. I can stop to take selfies with cows.

There are a million things I should be doing to bump up my Amazon rankings and set my book up for algorithmic success – I have reviews to request and Twitters to tweet and ARC readers to remind and podcasts to prepare for – but those can wait. I can take the time to go outside, to experience the timeless majesty of the mountains.

I can hike. I can relax. I can stop to take selfies with cows.

They don't care where my book is ranked on Amazon. They don't care how many prelaunch posts I put on Instagram.

They just chew their cud and nap and enjoy their idyllic alpine lives...

...seems like there's a lesson in there somewhere.