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Work with Megan

This could be us

Communication - even/especially in corporate settings - doesn't have to be boring.

Let's make sure your messaging is authentic, conveys your brand's voice, and strikes the right tone for each situation.


  • Finding Your Voice & Setting The Tone: Messaging That Sounds Like You
  • Teal vs Grey: How Not To Be Boring When You Communicate
  • [Brand new offering that I create just for you]

Marketing/Messaging Audits

  • COPY Check: Clarity, Oneness, Persuasion, You

Okay, not the best acronym ever, but the framework is sound

Basically, if it has to do with you getting your message out there – let’s do this. I’m ready to help. Let's go!

Here's what past clients have said about me (emojis and all)

I loved it! Megan was so great and really practiced what she was preaching (sorry for the cliche lol) - the whole thing was so digestible and clear. She also did a great job leading into useful discussion, which I'm always a fan of 😁

Super useful to get this "outside view" on our messaging/wording. I especially liked that we did exercises based on our own content. Like this it was not just a generic workshop...

I think there were some useful exercises and helpful takeaways from the workshop, such as using simpler language & the discussion about tone and 🦄s.

Thank you! Loved the workshop so much.