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Megan all over the internet

Minneapolis Star-Tribune (Again!)

Writing About What She Knows

Read the article here.

Your World of Creativity Podcast

Megan Preston Meyer, Author, FIREBRAND


Book Recommendation list: The Best Kids' Books about Supply Chain Management and Other Behind-the-Scenes Ways the World Works

The best kids’ books about supply chain management and other behind-the-scenes ways the world works
Megan Preston Meyer shares the 5 best books on Kids’ books about supply chain management and other ways the world works. Have you read The Little Yellow Digger and the Big Ship?

Minneapolis Star Tribune

With Supply Jane and her dog Fifo, Minnesota native author teaches children how business works

Read the article here.

Marketplace Discussions by Mahmoud Rasmi

Navigating the Corporate World: An Existential Journey

Supply Chain Now

Simplifying Supply Chain Concepts for Children: A Supply Jane Adventure

Manufacturing Unscripted

Megan Preston Meyer - Manufacturing Author

Also featured in the Best of 2022 episode!

Mavens of Manufacturing

Telling the Stories that Data Doesn't

Supply Chain Brain

It’s Story Time in Supply Chain Land!

Episode here.

Conquering Chaos by Parsable

Supply Jane & Fifo: Getting Younger Generations Interested in Supply Chain

Listen to the episode here.

Digital Supply Chain Podcast

How To Reach The Next Generation Of Supply Chain Professionals - A Chat With Megan Preston Meyer

Full episode

Let's Talk Supply Chain: Coming In Hot with Abby Baird

Supply Chain's Next Generation with Megan Preston Meyer

LinkedIn Livestream replay here.

Supply Chain Digital

Supply chain now child's play, thanks to children's author

Full article here.

Let's Talk Supply Chain: TikTok

Supply Jane & Fifo on TikTok!

Supply Chain is Boring

Episode 40: Simplifying Supply Chain Concepts for Children

Full episode

The New Warehouse Podcast

Episode 239: A Supply Chain Christmas with Megan Preston Meyer

Full episode

Girl Scouts River Valleys

Koala-fied Supply Chain Expert

Small Business University

Watch the webinar here and download the exercises below.

Data+Women Zurich

How Businessy to Be

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