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Teal & Grey

How not to be boring when you communicate

Megan Preston Meyer
Megan Preston Meyer

Some writing is boring.

It’s kind of bland, it sort of rambles, it’s not completely clear what it’s actually about. All the words just seem to blur into each other until it’s just this hazy, foggy, boring thing.  

I call that grey writing.

It's like this picture of Zurich that I took.

It’s... not great.

I mean, you can tell it's Zurich, so it fulfills its purpose, but it's just not all that good. It's crooked, it’s kind of dark, there's extra stuff in the frame...

You can tell that it's Zurich, so it gets the job done, but it's unfocused and unclear.

Contrast that with this phot of Zurich (that I didn't take).

It's colorful, it's focused, it's vibrant... it's still Zurich, but better.

There's writing like that, too.

Good writing snaps. It’s clever, it’s crisp, it conveys a message as crystal clear as the turquoise waters of the Limmat…

I call that teal writing, and that's what we should all be striving for.

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